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(Direct to Consumer)

Consumer Financing

Offer financing options with Novae to increase your conversions and revenue and PAY 0% MERCHANT FEES!

Novae Financing

Get paid quicker

Get paid more

Get paid often

How Novae’s DTC Financing Works

Once you become a merchant, you use Novae’s online platform, branded with your logo, to request financing for your customer.

The financing request is sent to Novae’s multi-lender network.

If a partnered lender accepts the request, the consumer may receive a loan, line of credit, or alternative form of funding.

If the customer is approved, he or she will receive the funds in full within two to three days. You invoice the customer, we’ll help with a template, and you get paid from them within 48 hours of them receiving the funds.

Why Novae DTC Financing?

Boost Sales

Boosts sales

Increase order value

Save THOUSANDS by not paying ANY FEES

Improves customer acquisition

Improves customer acquisition

Maximizes cash flow

Maximizes cash flow


  • Finance up to $250,000
  • Loan Terms of up to 72 months
  • Approvals down to 515 credit score*
  • 30 Lenders, no industry restrictions
  • Merchant Fee - flat 5% per loan 0% for LIMITED TIME
    (0% locked in as long as your account is active)
  • APRs starting at 5.99%


  • No underwriting requirements
  • All merchants approved


  • Co-branded webpage to send customers
    view example
  • Unique application page link
  • Track application submissions
  • Agreement to retrieve funds from customer

Why Novae?

Network of Lenders
Novae partners with a reputable multi-lender network and utilizes a waterfall algorithm to improve approval rates. This means consumers have a higher likelihood of finding financing options.
 Minimal Credit Impact
Novae only conducts a soft credit check to minimize the impact on a consumer’s credit score. Also, many of our partnered lenders may be willing to work with damaged credit applicants.
Turnkey Platform
Novae charges 0% on all your financing volume on our platform. Our competitors charge on average 5%! So if you’re processing $100,000 per month, that’s $5,000 in savings monthly. If you’re processing $1,000,000 per month, that’s $50,000 in savings monthly! Only pay Novae a FLAT $50/mo platform fee!
Lender Flexibility
Your customers will have more opportunities to get financed due to Novae's multi-lender network! One application sent to over 30 lenders, with no impact on their credit!
Top Tier Support
Novae provides ongoing 5 star customer service, 5 days a week, including an IT team and for accounts processing over $100k/mo, a dedicated account manager.

Get Started with Novae's Financing Solution

$495 setup fee + $50/mo

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